Media/Family Rooms

Our experienced technicians tailor our multi-functional home theater rooms to your specifications. Enjoy surround sound audio and high definition video without interfering with your home's current design and décor. It's not about having a movie theater in your home; it's about having your movie theater in your home.

Home Theaters

Your favorite theater in town can be right in your home. Enjoy movies, television and video games in stunning visual fidelity. Our integrated systems let you switch between your home theater’s different functions with ease. Change from enjoying films on an HD big screen to hearing your favorite music in concert-like surround sound at the push of a button.

Lighting Controls

Sophisticated lighting controls enhance your lifestyle. Set the mood for a romantic evening or avoid disturbing your partner in the morning by only activating dim lights. Wirelessly control your lights while on vacation to give the illusion you’re still home. OMNI A/V helps you integrate futuristic lighting solutions into everyday life.

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OMNI A/V goes above and beyond custom home theater installation. We can help you achieve high-fidelity music in every room of your house through whole home audio/video distribution; enable seamless communication by incorporating our specially-designed intercom and phone systems; provide your family security and peace of mind with closed circuit TV cameras; and make it possible to adjust your air conditioning, lighting and more from a simple wireless control panel. There’s more to this company than providing premium entertainment solutions. OMNI A/V gives you an integrated home life - even away from home.