Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should Omni A/V pre-wire my home instead of the builder?

Not all pre-wiring solutions are created equally. The vast majority of home builders, even the top-of-the-line builders, don’t have personnel on staff who are certified as a CEDIA professional. Builders may be great at building, but they don’t have decades of extensive experience in the electronics systems field.

2. I heard I can get a security system for free. Why should I bother with pre-wiring for it?

While it’s true that some audio/video companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area offer free security systems (OMNI included!), typically those only include a limited number of door or window contacts. This is because it’s difficult and labor-intensive to wire around built-in fixtures. Pre-wiring helps by significantly offsetting this cost.

3. Why can’t I have the wiring for my speakers or TV throughout the house after I move in?

The key thing to know about wiring is that it takes time, effort and expertise to do it correctly. Especially when technicians have to navigate around walls, doors, windows and other fixtures. It’s much easier to wire during certain phases of the construction of your new home. Which is why, if you choose to pre-wire, your wiring bill will be much lower compared to wiring after the walls are already up.

4. Why should I invest in a security system when someone is always home?

Just because someone is always home doesn’t mean they’ll be able to alert emergency services during a crisis. In case of a fire, they may be incapacitated from smoke inhalation. Intruders can prevent them from reaching a phone. A security system from OMNI A/V will give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones at home are protected at all times.

5. Why would I want a phone outlet in my pre-wire when I have a cell phone?

Whether you use a cell phone or not, it’s always important to have 1-2 data lines throughout the home. First, many people prefer a land line to a cell phone because of the call audio quality and reduced likelihood of having a dropped call. Second, using a land line instead of your cell phone can save you money on your phone bill every month. Third, having a land line means you can make calls even if you don’t have reception on your cell – a must during emergencies. And the same lines that transfer data on your land line can also transfer data to and from a family server/hard drive, to your internet modem or between computers.

6. I already have all my equipment. Can OMNI install it?

Yes, we’re glad to set up your pre-existing system. Save yourself the time, hassle and frustration of installing a system yourself and let a certified professional install your audio video equipment.

7. Do you offer financing?

Absolutely! We have 12, 18, and 24-month no-interest financing options available to those who qualify. Contact us today to find out more about our affordable financing options.