Integrate Your Life With Whole Home Automation

Home Automation

You packed your carry-on, made arrangements for Fido, and made it through airport security. You are finally relaxing on your vacation.

Then you wonder: “Did I lock the back door?”

With home automation from OMNI A/V, in one touch your home’s air conditioning turns off and your shades close. When the sun goes down, your porch light comes on – whether you’re at home or hundreds of miles away.

These are just a few features Omni A/V offers in its Whole Home Automation service. Here are more ways we can help you live an integrated life on a realistic budget:

Lighting Controls

Sophisticated lighting controls provide multiple benefits to your lifestyle. Set the mood for a romantic evening or avoid disturbing your partner in the morning by only activating dim lights. Turn your home’s lights on wirelessly while on vacation to give the illusion you’re still home. OMNI A/V helps you integrate futuristic lighting solutions into everyday life.

Click here to download the Brilliant Lighting Solutions Brochure

Whole Home Audio/Video and Communication Distribution

Enjoy a new level of entertainment convenience with whole house audio/video distribution. Walk into any room and play your choice of music with the touch of a button. Easily control what’s playing with an elegantly simple keypad.

Whole house audio/video distribution also seamlessly integrates with our intercom systems. Aside from providing instant communication throughout your house, intercom systems increase your security. Our systems come with an optional door release feature, giving you total control over who enters your home. We’ll make upgrading an outdated intercom system as simple as making a phone call. Our various room adaptor and trim plates fit existing intercom wall openings without requiring drywall repair.

Your intercom can also work in tandem with one of our specialized phone systems, providing you with unprecedented connectivity and ease of use. Choose to incorporate options including multiple lines and extensions, caller ID, voicemail, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), wired or wireless handsets and more. When linked with your intercom, our automatic selective call technology broadcasts calls throughout your home, but only to the station in use once you pick up. Enjoy hands-free communication no matter what room you’re in.

Find Out More Today

If you’re interested in learning more about our Whole Home Automation service, fill out the form below or call us at (214) 246-9126. Our easy, affordable financing programs make this a great time to automate your home. Finance today, and pay when your tax refund comes in.



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