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Integrated Room Control

If you install smart technology in the different subsystems that are in those essential rooms of your business, they can be working together with simple control and your productivity will shoot through the roof. Imagine the various conference rooms, the board room, tech support room, and the different executive offices seamlessly working together. Or imagine giving your clients a presentation from your laptop by simply selecting “Presentation” – the lights dim, the window shades close, and the video display and audio begin the presentation. Integrated room control allows you to combine all of the devices, so they work together for a very powerful effect. The audio/video, the overhead lights, networking, and communications – all under your control from a single touch screen, control panel, or a mobile device. You will be in control of the presentation, and all that surrounds it for a much more powerful experience.

Lighting Control

Automatic or remote control of the lighting in your company allows you to create the perfect mood, save on utility bills, and create an environment for greater productivity and a better work situation. With automatic lighting control, you can set the lights in a waiting room to a warm glow in the morning while setting the lighting in a high-production area to an efficient brightness. You also can program your lights to dim automatically as the day comes to a close, and the people who are staying late finally settle down. Your staff won’t even notice that they are able to focus more on the tasks for which they stayed late to finish. Intelligent and remote control of your lighting is much more efficient and is simply a great idea.

Centralized Distribution

Do you want total control and connectivity of your entire facility or even multiple facilities? Imagine every system, application, and budget being completely integrated. Connecting and having the ability to control from one centralized hub or control center seamlessly is incredibly efficient. Your walls will be free of the clutter, and the equipment will be strategically distributed throughout. Key staff will have easier access and control. With this approach, expansion is much easier because all rooms and devices are simply another node on the centralized network. Modern and efficient businesses are moving to centralized distribution for their commercial automation.

Media Control

Intelligent media control is the only way to manage your audiovisual media. Regardless of where your offices are located, the simple press of an option on a smart device or touchscreen will give you access to all your video and audio content. It doesn’t matter if it is older analog, digital, delivered by cable or by satellite, stored on a server in any company facility or streamed directly from the internet. The activity can be watching a live event, displaying a company sales or instructional video, listening to an audio recording, or even providing background music from a cell phone. Your employees can easily choose to view or listen through easy to use interfaces such as a keypad or touchscreen. OMNI AV can create the ideal command and control media system that will exceed your expectations. Take control of your media.


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