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Today’s Home Has Many Network Devices:

Years ago, the only home network system that existed was the electrical wiring. Today we have computers, televisions, cell phones, tablets, smart refrigerators, security systems, lighting systems, HVAC systems, and even video doorbells. That’s a lot of data movement. A strong IT network is no longer a luxury, it is now a requirement. Unfortunately, most home systems are a jumbled system made up of inferior components.

The problem is that work productivity, security, communications, and even entertainment depend on a stable network and robust connection to the internet. Our networks need to be able to handle the high bandwidth demands these devices create. For most of these applications, moving a lot of data with low latency is something that has come to be expected.

At OMNI AV, we design our networking systems to perform at a much higher rate than the standard ISP router capabilities. We build our networks with chipsets that have sufficient power to provide incredibly fast speed. We know that they need to manage and coordinate a collection of routers, switches, and other network controllers that typically make up a high-performance network.

Home Network Configuration

When ONMI AV comes to you home, we will check out all of your IT devices and create a perfect home network that will be able to handle the heaviest load. And because we are involved in home networks on a daily basis, we can give you advice on a new modem/router. We will also make sure there are no “dead spots” in your WiFi network. We’ll even check your basement and garage to make sure you will always get a strong signal everywhere.

WiFi Network Setup

Walk into any house, and the first thing you want to know is what is the WiFi password. The WiFi is the backbone of the home network. It’s great when it works without anyone noticing, kind of like gravity. But when it doesn’t work, it can be extremely frustrating. We have seen it all when it comes to installing and then fine-tuning WiFi networks. We’ll establish a cutting-edge “mesh” WiFi coverage throughout your home so every device that needs internet can easily get it.

WiFi Booster Installation and Signal Extension

You might have a perfectly good WiFi system running in your home but suffer from these annoying “dead spots” where there is no signal whatsoever. And running a cable to those areas can range from a nuisance to impossible. These are the situations where you should use our WiFi boosters. This booster technology will gather your WiFi signal and amplify it. This is a great device that makes internet available in areas that would otherwise go without. Call us if you need a reliable and robust WiFi signal throughout your home.


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