System Integration

Every home has a variety of sub-systems, and it would be great if all of these systems would run together as an integrated system. This is exactly what we bring to you when we combine them for you. Imagine the convenience and utility savings you would realize if your lighting, heating, air conditioning, surveillance, and other individual systems could work together. Integrating these systems would introduce capabilities that are only possible because of that integration.

As an example, an alarm system and a lighting control system could do much more together as an integrated system. When you turn on the alarm system for the night, that alarm system could send a message to the system that controls the lighting to move into “night time” time mode. It would then turn off certain lights, dim others, turn on even others. In other words, it would proceed to “night time” mode.

Why Do You Need Systems Integration?

Combining data from many different sources into one system or application makes life easier for everyone. Particularly in industries that touch people on a daily basis, it is critical to have information systems that are fully connected. In our data-hungry world, technology projects will just keep getting larger and more ambitious. Wherever there’s the need to improve services, migrate systems to the cloud, strengthen security or utilize advanced analytics, projects will increase in complexity.

Daily operations in the home would be easier for everyone if we could combine data from the different systems into one application. This is true, especially for services that we interact with every day. It is an obvious move to integrate these different systems so they can cooperate. In our rapidly changing data-intensive world, new technologies are getting more extensive and more useful for a wide variety of everyday uses. As the data infrastructure strengthens and becomes more robust, taking advantage of that growth through system integration is the next logical step.

How We Can Help

At OMNI AV, we see the changes in the IT world and the demands on the physical structures. Information technology is continuously moving toward modular, agile, and integrated. This rapidly changing infrastructure landscape is being felt on a very local level in homes and business, and we are involved in it on a daily basis. There are real-world, actionable steps you can take today to be more ready to integrate your different data systems. This even includes those that are not traditionally thought of as data such as lighting, alarms, HVAC, etc. Talk to us today about how to ready yourself to better adjust to the new ways data is going to be used and systems controlled.


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