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When electric lights were first invented, people would leave them on all the time because the electric companies charged per light bulb. Many lights didn’t even have light switches – you couldn’t turn them off. Then the electric companies invented electrical meters and started charging for the amount of electricity you used. So then, every different light in the house had a separate switch. And now, the control of lighting is once again changing.

With lighting control from OMNI AV, you can control which lights you want to turn on or off – anywhere in the house at any time. And you can control them from anywhere in the world. Remote lighting control allows for automation of on-off times, the convenience of “anywhere/anytime,” energy savings, and increased security (you can tie this system in with your security system).

Imagine this… You wake up before sun-up, and you have the bathroom light already on for you as well as a lighted path to the kitchen.

Then, after breakfast, you leave for work, and the lights turn off for the day. A half-hour before the sun sets, the landscape lights come on. And a few minutes later, the back porch light comes on.

About this time, you are wrapping up at work and about to head home, and something comes up – you have to stay another couple of hours. Not to worry, because the front light at your home just came on and the lights inside your house are starting to ramp up – getting brighter as the outside gets darker.

You finally arrive home, and the lights come on, and the security system goes off. All of this has all happened without you having to lift a finger. No wasted hours of having lights on needlessly throughout the day just so that you don’t come home to a dark house.

Back to our story… it’s finally time to call it a night. You remotely set the alarm and also set the lighting to “goodnight” mode. Your unused lights shut off, the outside security lights come on, and a dimmed pathway of lights come on, providing you with safe night lighting. And all of this happened automatically – without you touching a single switch.

Your system is controlled by touchpad controls. They allow controlling the mood of any lighted space – or the entire house by choosing a specific lighting scene just by touching a button on the screen. You can choose a “quiet dinner” ambiance or a “pool party” setting. And all of our systems use an online clock. In the winter, when the daylight grows shorter, you don’t need to adjust the system to compensate for the change in daylight. The system will make these adjustments for you. This system will even account for daylight savings time and leap year.

Maximize Energy Savings With Lighting Controls.

Do you manage an office building? Electricity expense for lighting makes up almost 40% of the bill in an average office building. By using our fully integrated lighting controls as part of your energy management system, you will not only see reduced energy costs in your building, but you will also increase tenant satisfaction.

Using modern controlled lighting systems from OMNI AV, you will be able to integrate the lighting and the HVAC system. Our available lighting panels can be used for both new constructions and as a retrofit to existing systems. OMNI AV can provide integrated centralized lighting control for any home or office environment.


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