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Homelife should be easy and smooth. And because you can easily and effortlessly have total control of your electronic system with OMNI AV, we will make your life better.

You can be at your home or office or away on vacation and still be able to control your electronic systems. Our systems make it so you can control your home or office remotely. You can control things such as your heating and air conditioning while you are off-site and improve the efficiency of the system. You can also easily program the system with custom settings, so when you get home, the environment is completely comfortable. Going on vacation? You can randomly turn on and off your lights and appliances to improve security. You can even check your cameras in your home or office when you are away. Remotely control a wide range of electronic devices, from heating/air conditioning, lighting systems, motorized blinds, TV and audio systems. OMNI AV offers a wide range of home integration and business automation services.


Integration of your systems allows your home to work smarter – more efficiently and more conveniently for you. With a simple command such as “Welcome” you can easily turn off the alarm system, turn on or off different lights, adjust the temperature and start your choice of music or television show. Get rid of all the various individual remote controls on the coffee table and simplify the control of your electronics by eliminating the dozens of switches, panels, and knobs. Our integrated electronic solutions will make the use of your space more efficient and orderly. You can now use a single user-friendly device to control all your electronics. This easy-to-use control device will let you enjoy the power of complete control.


Controlling the lighting of your home allows you to control the mood. With a single command, you can change the mood of your space by adjusting the lighting. Imagine changing the lighting when you go from watching television to dining or entertaining with a single command. Or pressing the “Goodnight” button to shut off the all the lights in the house except the “pathway” to your bedroom. “Intelligent” lighting control makes for a safer home environment because you can link it to the security system and have all the lights turn on if the system detects unauthorized activity. Simply put, intelligent control of your lighting system saves energy and makes your home more enjoyable. We can create a great lighting system for you.


Intelligent climate control will make a very significant difference in the comfort and efficiency of your home. And this is true in both the hot summer or those cold wintry days. As easily as you can control your lights and alarm system, you can create a comfortable home environment with the same touch screen controller. You can also get remote feedback about your heating and air conditioning on the same mobile device. If the weather unexpectedly turns cold and you left your air conditioning running, simply turn up the heat before you get home. Climate control can be a costly activity, and you can control those costs by controlling the systems with programmed settings.


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It was a hit! And, a big surprise! Cannot tell you how much I appreciated the way you worked with me and the great job. It was professional from beginning to end. Mostly, I loved how you all cared about my surprise for my husband’s birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be singing your praises and recommending you to anyone who might need your services.
Grant Distel
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