Structured Wiring

What is Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring is the next generation of wiring for a modern house. And it is not just a physical wiring product – it is a new concept, a process. It is more like the “brains” of the home. It provides you with a way to wire your home for everything you have that is related to the movement of data. Structured wiring will distribute things like video, telephone, and data throughout the house in an organized and easy to manage and adjust manner.

This new approach to wiring the home is part of the “smart home” concept of home automation. It allows you to manage your voice, high-speed data, television, utility control, and surveillance as well as new services as they are introduced. Structured wiring brings all the services from outside the home to one structured wiring panel. From there, they are easily distributed throughout the house. But because the different services gather together at a central location, it is easy to change the configuration of any one of the services or add new services.

Structured wiring includes computer networking, telephone distribution, wireless networks, CATV and closed-circuit surveillance as well as any other household data systems that exist now or that will be introduced in the future. It is a new way to manage the low voltage needs of the growing information part of our society.

Services such as the telephone company, cable company, ISP, satellite, private antennas, or other existing or “to be developed” will tie into the panel on the outside of the home. The panel will accommodate these different data distribution needs because of the bundled cables it contains. If you have a jack servicing a telephone, but you need a computer network jack instead, with structured wiring, you can change the module to accommodate either type.

You will be able to “future proof” all the rooms in your house with a single Structured Wiring composite cable. These cables are bundled to make it easy to design and install the different data appliances. The composite bundled cable has all the necessary cables for HDTV video, computer data, and telephone distribution. As an option, they also can include fiber-optic cable, which will get your home ready for the future Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service.


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