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You have the space, and now you want to turn it into a home media room. A home media room isn’t just for watching movies. It’s also a place where you can do things like play computer games together, watch the game together, or create a video blog. It’s a multi-use room where you will do the many things that allow you to enjoy today’s – and tomorrow’s – digital entertainment and information activities.

You might think that making a home media room shouldn’t be too big of a challenge. However, if you want to make a space that is the ultimate in entertainment and usefulness for your friends and family, the design is the most critical phase. The size and placement of the screens, the sound system, lighting and acoustics, seating as well as integration into the home automation system all need to be designed to work together.

Screen Size and Placement

One of the most important things we consider is the size of your screen (or screens). Size, placement, angles, how many and a dozen other factors will determine what the best configuration and layout is. Before you ever get your screen, we will create detailed computer schematics of your room layout. Using these schematics, we will consider the best use, most flexible seating angles, viewing or player perspective, and overall space and architectural considerations. This way, we can try many different layouts before we every move a piece of furniture. You will want everyone in the room to have an equally enjoyable watching or gaming experience regardless of what activity you have planned.

Speaker Placement

Equal in importance to the most ideal viewing layout is the audio experience. Using the correct placement of acoustic panels, furniture, and other items that may affect the sound, we will design a space that is amazing sounding – regardless where you or your guests are located in the room. Need to use your room for gaming? No problem. How about using it for blogging where the sound is really important? Again, no problem. Not only will we help you choose the right speakers, but we will tell you what type of speaker variations are best.

When it comes to sound, the design is tricky. But the right design choices will turn “loud and obnoxious” into “rich and immersive.” Not only will we take into account the value of surround sound and precisely positioned speakers. But we will also help you to decide the subwoofers and the other options that will do the job. We will make sure that the sound is incredible wherever you are in the room.

Unlike the layout of a theater – where the focus in only on the big screen up front, a media room needs to be designed for multiple uses. That means that the design of the room, the sound system and placement and choice of the speakers is very important. The sound engineers at OMNI AV will make sure you make the most of any room.


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It was a hit! And, a big surprise! Cannot tell you how much I appreciated the way you worked with me and the great job. It was professional from beginning to end. Mostly, I loved how you all cared about my surprise for my husband’s birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be singing your praises and recommending you to anyone who might need your services.
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