There is no “typical commercial network.” Every commercial network must be designed from the ground up with your individual needs considered. You need to start at the very beginning, where the internet enters the building. And then consider every current IT needs as well as anticipated growth that would affect the IT demands.

At OMNI AV, we start with a meeting to discover your current and future IT needs. We’ll cover things such as what are the current and anticipated IT demands, as well as how many people need access while in and out of the office. We’ll balance these things with the level of security you will need. We’ll need to know how data intensive your activities are and what types of redundancy and back up are in place. We need to know if your company can never be without internet connectivity. If so, we would probably suggest getting a second connection to the internet.

We will be making decisions about standardized of hardware and software, whether back-ups are going to be stored on-site, what level of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is needed as well as a disaster recovery plan. After we get a complete picture, then can we begin the design phase of the network.

Network Performance Evaluation & Analysis

Most companies already have a system in place and need their performance analyzed. OMNI AV provides both emergency evaluations and regularly scheduled network maintenance and analysis. We also offer consultation for IT departments who might need a third-party perspective.

Real-time analysis of the system utilization and server load is important to come up with a plan to improve performance and head off problems. Often companies grow rapidly and change the obvious needs such as new offices, desks, hiring new people but forget that the network needs to grow along with them. This growth takes careful planning based on system evaluation and analysis as well as future planning.

We will evaluate your network resources and your overall performance with growth plans in mind. And we will be looking to eliminating waste of bandwidth and the cleaning up of needless transmissions.

Infrastructure Planning and Maintenance

A commercial network is made up of many components. Networks need to have regular and ongoing planning of their infrastructure as well as the physical inspection and maintenance of the hardware. This must be done with traffic and system analysis as well as feedback from the users. Systems are multi-faceted, and the people who maintain them must approach the task from multiple avenues simultaneously.

Our maintenance programs are thorough and complete. However, before we partner with a company to maintain its IT system, we perform a comprehensive review of their system. This starts with cable and switch inspection and all the way through to the servers and the end users. We will evaluate your back-up and recovery procedures, as well as your disaster planning. Our goal is to provide you with rock-solid stability and data security.


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It was a hit! And, a big surprise! Cannot tell you how much I appreciated the way you worked with me and the great job. It was professional from beginning to end. Mostly, I loved how you all cared about my surprise for my husband’s birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be singing your praises and recommending you to anyone who might need your services.
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