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Communications in the business world have changed significantly, even in the last two or three years. What used to be a phone call or even a conference call has now become a video conference call. It has become more important to look at the customer directly in the eye to maintain that all-important trust relationship. Video calls have become the practice of the day, which is a good thing. The challenge is that video calls can backfire on you if your system delivers delays, stutters, and cuts out. Most of what we communicate is non-verbal and having been able to depend on a clear video call is critically important.

Regardless of your video conferencing needs, we have you covered. If you need true Telepresence or simple video conferencing, we will provide the right solution for your company. The design/installation department at OMNI AV have experience in multiple systems and have the certifications.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

A hundred years ago, the telephone was a new business tool that allowed business people to save the cost and challenge of traveling to meetings. And these meetings were sometimes very far away. But the phone didn’t provide the “trust component” that a face-to-face meeting did. Video conferencing seemed to be the best of both worlds. However, in the beginning, the technology was in its infancy, and it was challenging to have a good video conference call.

Now it can be different with robust networks and quality equipment. And as more people adopt the practice of video conferences, those with weaker systems stick out like a sore thumb. The benefits that conference calls are face to face collaboration and trust-building.

This collaboration is valuable for both in-company team building and quick progress on work projects. But it is even more true for the marketing and sales side of your business. With quality equipment and a well-designed system, you can expect to enjoy:

– A higher level of communication

– Stronger and more trusting business relationships

– More productive meetings

– Increased Employee and Customer satisfaction

– Much stronger competitive edge

The benefits of video conferencing depend on a pivotal point. You must have a reliable and robust network to make sure the video conference is adding value rather than being a distraction. Here at OMNI AV, we will make that system for you.


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