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Connected Technology

It is obvious that an office or business that operates using connected technology needs the devices and people to be able to depend on a stable and strong communication network. Your employees rely on well-connected technology. But not just for daily tasks, but connected technology is a key part of any commercial automation system. Such an organization needs a robust enough system to support many users and many devices making demands simultaneously. If there are slow-downs, everybody suffers. With a less robust system, you will see delays in phone conversations, automation systems missing steps, video conferences start to lag and skip, and download/upload speeds suffer. When we design a system, you can rest assured the network infrastructure will be more than adequate to carry all the load that a connected technology business uses. We will work alongside your engineers to build a network that is sufficient for your company for years to come.


For the best in connectivity, you must have a strong and reliable network. It is non-negotiable. The network is the most important tool that your office (or offices) need. This is especially true if your employees use the internet to carry out their daily work. And even if they don’t, it is the backbone of the automation system that makes you so efficient. You need a strong and reliable network not only for normal internet browsing and research but for the support of the integrated office. The audio and visual, lighting control, security, and just about every aspect of your business relies on a stable network. Here at OMNI AV, we will design for you a network that will be able to handle the heavy load. Our thorough network evaluation will make sure that every person and system in your organization will have adequate internet access.

Network Security

System attacks, hacks, breaches, and ransomware are becoming more and more common in today’s business world. It is more important today than ever before to protect your network and your company’s data with a state-of-the-art security solution. Here at OMNI AV, we will make sure your system is secure enough to ward off these attacks and keep your data safe. We will recommend the firewalls to make sure there is no breach, and you are always secure. And we will stand by your side with constant support and remote services. We have the ability to diagnose and analyze your system to troubleshoot any issue remotely. We will even continually update your firewalls giving priority to your network security. World-class equipment and wireless access points will make it an easy task for you to access your system using any smart device. With this, you will have access to your entire business location and still have a protected and robust network connection.

Video Conferencing / Telepresence

Nothing can kill a deal quicker than the impression of a poorly run operation. And when a customer hears multiple delays when people talk on the phone, it gives the impression that the communications equipment is sub-par or outdated. It is important that online meetings move forward without the awkward delays and gaps that less robust networks sometimes cause. With a strong and stable infrastructure, you will be able to move a large amount of digital traffic simultaneously. You can make sure that those critically important video meetings go smoothly and successfully. Having a quality video connection will allow the participants to focus on the business process rather than being distracted by inadequate technology. OMNI AV will make sure you have the system that won’t betray you with a poor connection when you need to be your best.


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